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“From Cyber Cafes to Digital Centers: Ushering in a New Era of Solution Partners” by Tania Ngima: Managing Director – dijITali

CIO East Africa magazine, June 2021 Edition. “In a landscape that is dotted with constrained cash flow, lockdown, restricted movement and an increased inability to access the end-users in communities beyond the urban areas, imagine what you can do with over 280+ solution centres for client acquisition without breaking the bank!”

Kenya Wallstreet Podcast

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises need to diversify their offering to cope with the Covid 19 pandemic, Tania Ngima talks to Kenyan Wall Street’s Ally Mwakineno on how businesses can be able to drive their product penetration in the peri-urban and rural areas through cybercafes (digital centers) that are digitally enabled, have a local representation and Continue Reading