Pamela Wesongs – Owner Teetyrant Cyber Cafe (Busia)

Today, you hear people talking about how they left employment to run their own businesses and have never regretted the decision they made. Being an employee, I would constantly see myself as a business owner particularly when I experienced hard times in the office. But, my friends were not resonating with my ideas and they felt that plugging into a business venture was suicidal particularly when I mentioned my ideal location was upcountry and not Nairobi. Having lived in Nairobi from childhood they felt the rural areas would be too slow and without fun.

As Walt Disney said, “the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”. I knew it was time to start my business when my employment contract was not renewed in 2018. My vision of an ideal business was having a bookshop and a gas cylinder retail shop. The cyber cafe was a last-minute thought that came to me when I saw how many things and services were being digitized and that’s how the bookshop fell through the cracks, a decision I do not regret making.

To say I was unprepared for the challenges that were coming is an understatement, to me, a cyber cafe was the easiest thing to do; login for browsing, photocopying and typesetting to say the least. That leap of faith nearly made me rethink the whole business thing. I had not anticipated what it takes to be able to fulfil your customers’ needs, I had just seen an easy way of making money in photocopying, branding and KRA returns. The heat started coming when I got different requests on online services that I had no idea what to do and for the first time, Google did not have an answer.

I joined dijITali when I saw the advert on Facebook, curious about what they could do I decided to sign up. My business has grown gradually since I now have adequate knowledge and skills to solve different issues for my customers without referring them to another cyber café or Huduma Centres. This has been possible especially because of the different training, real-time solution and knowledge I have benefited from being a dijITali member.

The benefits of the training are worthwhile since I have been able to earn more revenue from it. For example, through the training on “design by dijITali”, I’m now able to do design work myself while in the past I would pay someone to do it for me. Being part of the dijITali network has also improved my day to day life since each day I’m learning a new skill from the other members and I am also able to share what I know. I have learned a lot and I have also learnt that as a cyber café owner, I don’t have to limit myself to the normal printing and photocopying that others do.

It’s really motivating to have a partner who believes in your journey and walks it with you. To other cyber cafes. dijITali has worked around the clock to ensure that we as cyber owners are well equipped with printers, print press machines and cameras that make our work more diverse hence increasing our revenue, they have elevated the stress that comes with looking for financing for CAPEX which allows us to focus on ways of growing our business. I would advise them to join the dijITali platform and benefit from a partner who has their best interest at heart.

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